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■What is Blackbird Music

Blackbird Music is the project of Erika Mochizuki who is based in
Ireland and Dai Komatsu who is a fiddle player in Nagoya, Japan.

Erika has been living in the west of Ireland since 2004, an area
steeped in traditional Irish music. She had the idea of introducing
this rich musical culture to Japanese people. Erika met Dai in Ennis,
Co.Clare for the first time in 2005 when he came there to learn
traditional Irish fiddle playing.
The idea of this project gradually evolved from this first meeting.

Dai Komatsu and Erika Mochizuki


We organise and coordinate concert tours and workshops in Japan
for traditional Irish musicians.
(See the most recent project:Eventspast)

We sell carefully selected CDs of traditional Irish music in Japan.
We deal directly with the musicians and singers.

Erika Mochizuki organizes instrumental lessons for Japanese people
visiting Ireland. She can call on the services of some of the finest
traditional musicians in Ireland.

Erika also provides technical advice and translation for Japanese
people wishing to purchase instruments from Custy's Music Shop,
Ennis, Co.Clare.

We are keen to expand our activities into other related areas.


Ireland has a very rich traditional music culture. Though the
population isn't huge, there are many musicians and singers.
The tradition is passed from generation to generation. It is the
tradition of the common people.

The images of traditional Irish music in Japan are formed by highly
commercial companies, bands and modern dance groups. These
forms are based on traditional Irish music but more often than not
are an amalgam of different styles created for commercial purposes.

Consequently many Japanese people do not have a true idea of
traditional Irish music, song and dance as practiced within the
living tradition.

It is possible to experience this tradition in other countries
particularly where there is a strong Irish emigrant population as in
America, England and to a lesser extent in Europe.

It is Blackbird Music's aim to bring this music to Japanese people,
the music that people in Ireland enjoy listening to, playing and
dancing to.

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If you have any enquiry, please contact us on
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